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Our Online Courses

The ILP is delighted to now be able to offer online courses for lighting professionals.

If you are new to the lighting industry or would like an informative refresher course, the Fundamental Lighting Course is exactly what you need.

The courses offered enable lighting professionals to maximise their potential and build their knowledge base to make them stand out from the crowd.

Our courses are open to members and non-members alike.

Member price: £125 + VAT

Non-member price: £200 + VAT

Everything you need to know about lighting but have been too afraid to ask.

The ILP Fundamental Lighting Course covers the foundations of light, lighting design and maintenance.

Member price: £125 + VAT

Non-member price: £200 + VAT

The ILP Fundamental Lighting Electrical Course covers basic electrical practices and principles for lighting schemes and other electrical street furniture.

Suitable for participants with all levels of experience and prior training.

Member price: £125 + VAT

Non-member price: £200 + VAT

Vital training on GN22 ATOMS, for professionals at all career levels.

If you manage column, pole or building mounted assets in any of the following sectors then this course is for you.

Member price: £85 + VAT

Non-member price: £155 + VAT

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in the effects of artificial light by day or night.

It discusses how to apply controls that can provide a successful lighting installation whilst mitigating the adverse effects of obtrusive light.